VAT Refund Eligibility Check

Answer the following 4 questions to determine if you are eligible to claim VAT refunds:-

QUESTION 1: Are you a resident of a country outside of the European Union (EU) ?
* You must reside in any country other than a European Union member country, such as Canada, United States, Australia etc.
QUESTION 2: Are you registered for business purposes in your own country of residence?
* You must be associated with as an owner or employee of a legally recognised business entity. This business identity must be recognised by the Taxation Authorities in your country of residence. A statement of proof will be required.
QUESTION 3: Do you have a place of business or residency in any EU country?
* You must not be registered or required to be registered for VAT in any EU country and you must not regularly live in any EU country.
QUESTION 4: Do you incur business related expenses when travelling to EU countries?
* You must identify actual business related expenses incurred in your normal course of business. Any proportion of an expense that relates to a personal benefit, must be deducted from the amount being claimed.

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